Terms and Conditions

1) The Exchange will charge a commission of fifteen percent (15%) of the sale price for the identified lot provided for sale. This will be deducted from the sale price which all lots must be paid for directly to The Exchange. You will be offered to set a floor bid prior to the sale to cover the bid of said consignment. If the floor bid is not achieved a commission of (8%) will be charged to you, not the full (15%) for a buy back.

2) Consignors offering bred sows: All purebred females must guarantee to breed purity and breed testing procedures, stress status pedigree and transfer ownership of purebred animal. All females selling bred must be guaranteed mated to the said advertised boar. All Crossbred females must be guarantee mated to said sire.

3) All sales are FINAL and must be paid for to the management of The Exchange. Auctioneer: Mr. Kevin Wendt, Finance and Clerk by Kennedy Ventures.

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Blake Kennedy - 405.501.2417

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