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It has been our goal at KV to bring the most opportunities to our customers to ensure we achieve the highest dollar for their product. In saying that we are always looking to add more tools to our tool chest.


KV is excited to announce a new partnership with Walton Webcasting. Together we’re bringing a collaboration of proven services to the livestock industry to insure our customers and their clients the best services offered. If you are a buyer or the seller you strive for the very best, therefore this new alliance will allow customers the opportunity to have a livestream action at their event! That’s right, not only does KV provide our customers with the ability to bid in real time but also we now utilize the same high-quality platform as our colleagues at Walton Webcasting for sale previews to showcase the livestock before their event. This allows extra value for both the buyers and the sellers. 


Take advantage of these opportunities and service from KV!


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Blake Kennedy

(405) 501-2417

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